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Bitdefender - Global Leader in Cyber Security

Bitdefender is a world-class award-winning Cyber Security software that helps its users to stay Protected from the malicious people of the Internet world. Bitdefender is a revolutionary antivirus program for the complete security of your personal and professional needs. The Bitdefender anti-malware software provides complete security for your all devices whether its PC, laptop, Mac, Smartphone, or Tablet, and that too at very easy to pay price. If you are planning to buy any Antivirus for the safety of yourself and your family we will suggest you go with Bitdefender because of its Market reputation, Customer Trust, high-Security Features, and Pocket-Friendly price.

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About The Company Bitdefender

The Bitdefender company is started in the year 2001 in Romania. Since its inception in the online world, the company is providing excellent service all over the world. The Bitdefender Antivirus program is very advanced and highly regarded all over the globe for its outstanding ability to detect and fight against the Malware, Trojan Horse, and Viruses. In just a few years of business, the company has expanded its services to 150 countries which means that how much quality service the company is offering in the field of cybersecurity.

Why Choose Bitdefender? What are its benefits and Features?

Bitdefender has a lot of features and benefits which will force you to choose only Bitdefender over any other antivirus program. Now let's talk about the features of Bitdefender :

Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection:  This advance and modern feature of Bitdefender protect you and your device from Ransomware. The multilayer protection enables it to catch any kind of Ransomeware or Virus. It can detect, stop, and notifies you for any kind of security breach.

Zero System Slowdowns :

Its a fact that antivirus is heavy and consumes a lot of system Ram, Memory and Processing power. But with the Revolutionary technologies of Bitdefender, your system will be completely secure and take instant action against any type of cyber attack or malware without affection your system performance at all. You will not experience any kind of lag or slowdown in your device.

The antivirus program will keep on running in the background doing its work without impacting your system.

Webcam Protection :

Bitdefender’s advanced Antivirus protection extends to even the cameras on all your devices. The Special feature not only monitors which apps are using which resources but it also blocks any third party or malicious App or website using your Device resources and Webcam Protection is one of them. Many Hackers use Device camera`s for intruding in your privacy.

Automatic Upgrades With latest Features:

Bitdefender has a market reputation of delivering the best that why every Bitdefender product is designed to update automatically. The software after connecting to the internet keeps on checking for the latest security updates and Protects you against every advanced Cyber threat. Upgrading to the latest security definitions and Features are a part of your product subscription you will not have to pay any single penny extra for up-gradation.

Online Support :

Bitdefender Provides free full online support in their every plan whether its small or big. If you are facing any kind of trouble in using your product and want to take some experts to advise than there is 24/7 available customer Support Center of Bitdefender for every need of users.

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