Importance of Web Hosting

May 15, 2020 Web Hosting

Web hosting service allows the individuals and the organizations to provide the space to showcase their websites via the World Wide Web, which is a large collection of the websites hosted on the web servers all over the world. A web host is a web server or computer where all the web site’s html files, graphics reside. These servers are the super computers having extremely huge hard drives, or an array of hard drives.

We deal with individual businesses on a one to one basis as well as partnering with companies such as Marketing Agencies to provide free website design services to their clients. We have built a varied portfolio of clients and website solutions that we have packaged and now provide to our clients as an off the shelf product at a reduced price.

These include our full eCommerce web design solutions, recruitment package, estate agent package and our unique selling point which is our Web Design and Development Services, Search Engine Promotion, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building Services, Pay per Click (PPC) Management Services, Direct (online) Marketing Services, and Web Content Writing etc.Web hosting is of many types, and users find certain capabilities in most of these packages. Web hosting prices vary depending on one’s requirements.

The web hosting of the personal websites that do not require any specific tools and usually have low traffic is sometimes free. Free web hosting is good but there are some of its drawbacks also. Many web hosting services do have their policies that can limit certain content, functions, scripting languages or uses.